Tom Misch – Beat Tape 1

Note: cannot upload, see link below.

Tom Misch a new producer/songwriter on the London, UK scene. I don’t know much else at this point. The purpose of this blog is less to promote, and more to organize songs/thoughts. We strive to question and combat what it is that makes music great. Why does a favorite artist or song lose its original luster, only to come back later in a new form and to garner a newfound appreciation? Does this conundrum exist among all art forms? Is there a science behind a melody? One which triggers different emotional response centers of our brain?

More to come. In the meantime – enjoy Misch’s latest EP. As these are instrumental tracks, I am choosing not to provide analysis but rather to let the music speak for itself and let you draw connections and cast your own views.

Below you’ll find a track from the late J Dilla – one of my favorites – who Misch claims to have gotten most of his inspiration from.



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